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Easy patterns, printable labels and more

Suggested Materials to Use

  • Acrylic Blends
    (avoid 100% acrylic)
  • Cotton & Cotton Blends
  • Wool & Wool Blends
    (avoid 100% wool for hats)
  • Bamboo & Bamboo Blends
  • Possible Sensitivities

    Please keep in mind that at times that the hats you make will be going to those dealing with cancer and other illnesses. Remember to wash your hands often when working on the piece and use the softest yarn you can find. We recommend you avoid 100% wool for hats as they can irritate their delicate skin. It is also recommended to avoid non-washable yarns for the hats as they will need to be laundered by the recipient. Please do not wash the hat before donating it due to sensitivity some recipients may have to detergents.

    Safety for Young Children

    When crafting animals and other crochet/knitted toys we recommend always using child safe eyes as we do not always know the age range of the children that will be receiving your amazing creations. If you have never made a toy using this method Stacey Trock of Freshstitches has a free tutorial on how to attach child-safe eyes to your project.

    Recommended Beginner Amigurumi How-To Resources

    Studio Knit: How To Video Series

    We love these how-to videos from Studio Knit. If you are new to knitting we recommend you watch all her videos from casting on to how to increase and decrease. For your D&G amigurumi projects you’ll find her how to knit a teddy bear video of great interest!

    How to Knit a Teddy Bear

    Amigurumi Beginners Guide

    Love to crochet but never made an amigurumi animal before? Look no further then this complete amigurumi guide for beginners [free download] from Freshstitches. It includes step-by-step directions, tips on piecing the animals together, and a pattern so you can get started right away!

    Recommended Free Pattern Resources

    Stuffed Pig


    Find this easy to knit pig and more on Make sure to use the search features to adjust the difficulty level based on your knitting experience.


    We highly recommend for her crochet animal patterns that use just a single crochet. They are easy and work up very quickly. They are super adorable and many of her patterns are free!

  • Burnie the Bee – Freshstitches [Free]
  • Mr. Scrapy (use up your scraps)- Freshstitches [Free]
  • Know of some great free patterns? Please let us know!

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