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Unable to Speak. #BatteryControlled

Posted by in Recalls & Safety Alerts | 0 comments

A few months back there was a round ‘watch battery’ laying on the floor at my mothers house. Not sure where it came from but...

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The Case for Getting Dirty

Posted by in Bringing Up Boys, Outdoor Adventures | 0 comments

Dinker & Giggles: Being a mom is such a reward, but kids get dirty. Boys are masters at finding dirt! How do you feel about your son...

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A Gluten Free Bread That Tastes Good?

Posted by in UTH | 3 comments

I. love. bread. I love the crunch of the crust. The fluff of the inner. The way butter melts on it. How perfect I found it to go with hot...

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Life Altering Hope: Finding the Light in the Dark

Posted by in Broken | 0 comments

There was a time in my life that waking before noon and being grounded from the television seemed like the worst.thing.ever. Anger would...

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Wooden Toys: Oxybul Stands Up To Destructive Beings

Posted by in Bringing Up Boys, Lifestyle, Reviews & Giveaways | 7 comments

I f you have been a reader of Dinker & Giggles for a while you’ve probably noticed that I love wooden and bamboo products for...

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TakeLessons: Music Lessons Online

Posted by in Bringing Up Boys, Homeschool | 0 comments

I can remember as a child raiding the kitchen cabinets for pots, pans, and my mothers’ prized Tupperware. Then proceeding to beat...

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A Homeschool Planner is the Key to Success!

Posted by in Homeschool, UTH | 3 comments

Do you struggle to complete your year-end homeschool portfolio?   Do you know at a glance how many days of instruction you have...

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11 Year Old Says: Eat Local. Grow Your Own. Know Your Food Sources.

Posted by in Bringing Up Boys, Gardening, Homesteading | 0 comments

Boy is this one smart 11 year old. In the video below he shares his thoughs about eating local, getting to know your farmers, and how...

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Top 5 Homesteading and Farming Books for Beginners

Posted by in Gardening, Homesteading, UTH | 2 comments

While I like to believe that I’m an expert in all fields of life, it just isn’t so. I can talk someone blue in the face about...

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16th Annual Get Hooked on Fishing Tournament

Posted by in Outdoor Adventures | 0 comments

Nothing quit declares childhood like summer sunshine, hot dogs over a fire, playing with worms and casting a line into the waters. Join us...

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These Books Have Inspired Me {Homesteading Here We Come}

Posted by in Homesteading | 5 comments

I would not call myself a homesteader. Not at the least. But I would call myself one that likes to save money where they can – I...

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Are Your Kids Exposed?

Posted by in Bringing Up Boys, Homesteading | 2 comments

Are they… when was the last time you exposed your kids to new flavors, textures, and colors? Yes, I’m taking food. Being...

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