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Big Grove Brewery | Solon, Iowa [Review]

Farm to table eatery in Solon, IA proves to have great food and is family-friendly. You can’t go wrong with this. Check out our full review to see how their pizza ranks in Eastern Iowa!

Selling a House While Living in it With 4 Boys

FAITH & FAMILY A Showing? Yeehaw! Not Yeehaw. Alaina Frederick, the mom Selling a house can be stressful. Add the fact that you need to keep living it it...with four kids...with two dogs. And just ugh. * * * My mother has moved homes a bit ever since I was a...

Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids During Summer

Children—at least my children—are like puppies. They need to move and run around. If they don’t get the opportunity, their energy is bound up inside and they get yappy and do undesirable things. I’ve learned this through experience and yet I can forget--until my...

Saving Money on the Road

When heading out on the road either for a quick family vacation or a long term adventure, you need to keep an eye on your budget. From fueling your vehicles, to places to lay your head, or to even the clothes on your body. As our family dreams about that ultimate...

Stones for Bread: A Novel {Review}

Stones for Bread is an delightful tale one that can only be compared to a tearful, releasing conversation you have with a friend. Sharing of all the things in your life that are bringing stress as twinges of pain sting your face with salty...

A Different View on Parenting

I want to take a new approach to my parenting skills. After my husband and I watched the movie Courageous, I had a yearning inside of me to develop a deeper presence in my boys' lives. Every smile, twinkle and hug is precious to me. Moments I...

23 Years of Praying!

How many times have you prayed for your kids? Wow. I have no idea.  I have prayed for my children all their life and my oldest born in 1990.  I prayed before she was born.  Are you praying daily for your kids? I had breast cancer when I was 24 years old and the doctor...

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